Palmnest FAQ

Android App FAQ

Where can I download the PalmNest android app?
Click here to download and try the app. Free to try and take your first step in managing using digital health.

Using Alexa With Palmnest

  • What can I update with Alexa?
    You can update your glucose, temperature, blood pressure, weight, symptoms and any other clinical parameters as recommended by your doctor and supported by the app. Check the app for a list of clinical parameters it supports.
  • Can Alexa say what are the upcoming medications for next week?
    Yes, it can. Make sure you add it to your app.
  • What skills are supported by Alexa?
    Click here to download the Alexa skills for Palmnest. More skills are on the way!!. You can also download the Alexa skills guide from your app under Menu.

Using Google Home With Palmnest

  • What can I update with Google Home?
    You can update your weight. Updating other vital signs is not allowed by google at this time. The alternative is to use Amazon Alexa or mobile app.
  • Available user actions for seniors in assisted living/senior care homes: say:
    get lunch menu
    get care plan activities
    need assistance for medication
    who are my care team today
    what are my diet restrictions

  • Please note that monitoring sessions, proactive alerts related to medications are not available in google home due to google policies.
  • What actions are supported on google home?
    Click here to download the google home actions for Palmnest. More features are on the way!!. You can also download this reference document from your app under Menu.

Third party Integrations

  • What integrations do you support?
    We support multiple devices from Withings like blood pressure monitor, body weighing scale, Pulse O2 (Pulse Oxy, Sleep and fitness tracking), iHealth Sense (Blood pressure monitor) and finally with runkeeper fitness app.
  • PalmNest is suitable for which types of chronic conditions?
    It’s designed for senior citizens who have limited mobility and/or suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, heart failure, high-risk blood pressure and other similar conditions that require life long care. It’s a complete health management product and comes with an optional internet-enabled device

Care Plans

  • Heart Failure Care Plan Questions and available responses for each:
    • Experiencing any shortness of breath.
      • Response: No, both, rest, activity
    • Have any dry cough.
      • Response: Skip, frequent, little, good
    • Weight today in pounds.
    • Experiencing any chest pain or discomfort in the chest.   
      • Response:  Skip,discomfort,ok
    • Observed any swelling in legs or ankles or feet or lower body.
      • Response: Skip, Increased, Normal
    • Observed any swelling in the abdomen. 
      • Response: Skip, Increased, Normal
    • Are you able to sleep normally without any trouble?   
      • Response: Difficulty, skip, normal
    • Are you able to lie flat while sleeping? If you are please select flat else if you are able to sleep only with a couple of pillows under your head or in chair or recliner, please say recline.
      • Response: Skip, Recline, Flat
    • Experiencing any dizziness or confusion or feeling sad or depressed.   
      • Response: Skip, normal, sad, dizziness
    • How is your appetite?
      • Response: normal, increased, decreased
    • Enter your heart rate
    • Enter your blood pressure 

Weight alert: thresholds:  +/- 3 pounds o 1.5 kgs
Heart rate alert thresholds: +/- 5bpm
Blood Pressure alert thresholds:  (American Heart Association Blood Pressure Chart )

Glucose Monitoring Care Plan Questions :

  • Enter random glucose
    Alert will be sent if its above 200mg/dL
  • Enter fasting glucose
    Alert will be sent if its above 100mg/dL
  • Enter insulin intake

Blood Pressure Monitoring Care Plan Questions :

  • Enter systolic blood pressure
  • Enter diastolic blood pressure
  • Enter weight in pound
    Please refer to the alert thresholds in the above care plans for weight and blood pressure.
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